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Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robot Vacuum - Part No. SLQL030


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Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision Robot Vacuum - Part No. SLQL030
2 Hour Battery Run Time + Home Vision Secure Camera Video Feed
2 Year Warranty with Local In-store Support

     Quattro Cleaning Power

Effective on carpets and hard floors: 4-stage cleaning system with 4 cleaning modes for perfect dust pickup.

     3D Smart Navigation

Intelligent navigation: 2 front cameras enable high-precision 3D object detection for comprehensive cleaning.

     Corner Brush

Clean all over: The sweeping side brushes extend over the unit and can reach any corner.

     Dust box

Easy to remove: The dust box can be easily removed using the yellow handle while the lid is open.

     AirClean Plus filter

Breathe easy: The AirClean Plus filter ensures particularly clean room air thanks to effective filtration.

     Sleek design 

Freedom of movement: the compact, flat Scout can easily reach difficult-to-access areas, e.g. under furniture

     Traversing onto carpet 

Thresholds are no obstacle: The Scout RX2 drives onto low carpets and crosses door thresholds up to 2/3" (17 mm).

    120 min non-stop 

Longer run time and more thorough cleaning: ideal for large rooms.