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Electrolux Anti-Allergy Bags 4pk - Part No. EL202F


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Electrolux Anti-Allergy Bags 4pk - Part No. EL202F
  • Designed for EL4100, EL4100A, EL4101, EL4101A EL4103, EL4103A, EL4040, EL4040S, EL4040AZ, EL4042, EL4042A, EL4200A, EL6984A, EL6986A, EL6988E, EL6988EZX
  • It also fits EL6985, EL6986, EL6988, EL6989, EL4100, EL7000, EL7001, EL7020, EL7024, EL7025, EL7060, EL7060A, EL7061A, EL7061B, EL7062A, EL7063A, EL7063B, EL7066A
  • Anti-microbial lining inside of these clinic electrolux vacuum bags help to capture 99.9% of all allergens picked up by your vacuum, that are as small as 1 micron
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Bags have a patented closure system that ensures easy bag removal, as well as preventing any emission of particles back into the air
  • Package contains 4 vacuum bags