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e-cloth Dusting Cloths - 2pk - Part No. 10607

Dusting Cloths 2pk - Part No. 10607

  • Includes two (2) 12.5"x12.5" Dusting Cloths
  • e-cloth dusting cloths have millions of tiny fibers with a natural positive static charge that attracts and holds dust and allergens into its soft texturing
  • Glides easily over all surfaces
  • True Chemical Free Cleaning - Cleans without potentially harmful cleaning products and their fumes - no oily residue
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washings

Where to Use:  All Dusting situations:  Any hard surface - wood, bamboo, steel, glass, chrome, granite, leather, plastic and MDF

How to Use:   
Use Dry.  Fold the Dusting Cloths like a pad and wipe the surface, applying gentle pressure. When one section of the Dusting Cloth has become dirty, re-fold and begin wiping.  When done dusting, rinse cloth out under warm to hot water and allow to dry completely before using again.

Caring for your Cloths:  A warm rinse is often enough for day-to-day use.

To ensure your e-cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine washing.  With certain new detergents, you can wash on Medium heat, however for best results with normal detergents, wash on Hot.  If the cloth loses performance, it may be boiled in a saucepan.

Use only a small amount of detergent and rinse well.  Tumble or hang dry.

DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener.  Bleach breaks down the fibers and fabric softeners will block the fibers.  If fabric softener is used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent.

Note:  Color may run, initial washes should be separate at low temperature.  For washing machines, a laundry bag is recommended.

100% polyester

Made in South Korea