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Odor Control Solutions - Lovin' Lemon 16oz - Part No. LL.O.O4

Manufacturer #:LL.O.O4

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Odor Control Solutions - Lovin' Lemon 16oz - Part No. LL.O.O4

Got Pet Odors?

A whiff and sniff away from clean, Odor Control Solutions naturally creates a healthy environment for you and your pets. These All-Natural, tiny crystals are designed for the worst smelling pet odors. Absorbs odors, reduces allergens, and helps to release unwanted pet hair on furniture and carpets. Makes your home smell fresh & clean; feels as if you and your best friend went for a car ride with the top down.

Eliminates odors and allergens caused by:
Urine, Feces, Mildew, Mold, Smoke & Ash Trays, Chemical Odors in Carpets and All Bacteria Decompositions

Easy To Use:

Sprinkle directly onto affected area, or when the odor source is general - such as mildew or smoke - sprinkle about one pound evenly over entire room (approximately 100 sq ft.) Allow at least one hour to absorb odors. Vacuum carpet and discover no more bad smells. Product may also be left safely on carpet.