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Disclaimer: Items available to order online may not be in stock at your nearest Powell Vacuum location. Please contact your nearest location to verify inventory before attempting to procure or view a product in-store.
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Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Crevice Tool - Part No. B669-0400


Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Crevice Tool Holder - Part No. B669-0300


Riccar R20 / S20 Hose Handle Assembly - Part No. D434-0800


Riccar R30 / Simplicity S30 Direct Air Cleaning Fan - Part No. B486-1214


Riccar R40 / Simplicity S40 Direct Air Fan - Part No. B386-3314


Riccar R60 and Simplicity S60 Filter Set - Part No. RS60-F


Riccar RSQ1 / S100 Hose Assembly with Swivel - Part No. FB00081


Simplicity 7000 Series Belt - Part No. SB7


Simplicity a-go-go HEPA Filter Set - Part No. SFA


Simplicity Bagless Broom Vacuum - Part No. S60

$129.00 $149.00

Simplicity EZM Allergy Upright - Part No. S20EZM


Simplicity Flash Handheld Vacuum - Part No. F1.6


Simplicity HEPA Media Filter for S65 - Part No. SF65


Simplicity Jill HEPA Filter - Part No. SF-14.3


Simplicity Jill Wand Docking Clip - Part No. B361-5400


Simplicity S20EZM HEPA Media Filter Set - Part No. SF20EZM


Simplicity S5 Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Part No. S5


Simplicity S65 Blue Bare Floor Brushroll - Part No. C240-0400


Simplicity S65 Charging & Storage Station - Part No. B240-0610


Simplicity S65 Cordless Mulit Use Vacuum - Part No. S65


Simplicity S65 Credit Dusting Brush Combo Tool - Part No. B240-0400


Simplicity S65 Deluxe Multi-Use Cordless Vac - Part No. S65D


Simplicity S65 Pet Tool / Hand Turbo Brush - Part No. C240-0300


Simplicity S65 Premium Multi-Use Cordless Vac - Part No.S65P


Simplicity S65 Standard Multi-Use Cordless Vac - Part No. S65S


Simplicity S65 Upholstery Tool - Part No. B240-0300


Simplicity S65 Wand - Part No. B240-0200


Simplicity S65 Wand Angle Adapter - Part No. B240-0500


Simplicity Sport Portable Canister Vacuum - Part No. S100.4