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Disclaimer: Items available to order online may not be in stock at your nearest Powell Vacuum location. Please contact your nearest location to verify inventory before attempting to procure or view a product in-store.
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Shark DuoClean XFF450 Filter Set - Part No. XFF450


Shark Filter Kit Navigator NV80 - Part No. 18001


Shark Filter Set NV650 series


Shark Hand Vac Filter - Part No. XSB726N


Shark HEPA Filter NV650 series


Shark Lift-Away Foam Filter Set - Part No. XFFK560


Shark Lift-Away HEPA Filter - Part No. XHEPA560


Shark Navigator Extension Wand - Part No. 498FFJ560


Shark Navigator Filter Set - Part No. XF22


Shark Navigator Filter Set - Part No. XFF650


Shark Navigator Filter XFF318 NP319 NP32


Shark Navigator Foam & Felt Filter Set - Part No. XFF80


Shark Navigator HEPA Filter - Part No. XHF80


Shark Navigator HEPA Filter NV351, NV352, NV400 - Part No. F651


Shark Navigator Lift Away Filter Set NV350,351,352,355,356,357


Shark Navigator NV42 Foam Filter Set - Part No. XFF36


Shark Navigator NV70,80,90 Filter Set


Shark Navigator XHF350 HEPA Filter - Part No. 470801


Shark Navigator XHF500 HEPA Filter - Part No. XHF500


Shark Rocket Filter Set - Part No. 1080FTV320


Shark Rocket Foam Filter Set - Part No. XFFV300


Shark Rotator Foam Filter - Part No. XFF450


Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away NV500 HEPA Filter


Shark Rotator Pro NV450 HEPA Filter


Shark XFF500 Filter Set - Part No. XFF500


Shark XFF755 Foam Filter Set - Part No. XFF755


Shark,Hose Motorized Nozzle - Part No. 193FFJ