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Disclaimer: Items available to order online may not be in stock at your nearest Powell Vacuum location. Please contact your nearest location to verify inventory before attempting to procure or view a product in-store.
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Rainbow Actuator


Rainbow AquaMate Shampoo Concentrate - Part No. R14406


Rainbow Attachment Caddy - Part No. R2709


Rainbow Belt for PN2


Rainbow Belt, P/Nozzle


Rainbow Brush Roll Assy


Rainbow Brush Strips


Rainbow Brushroll w/End Pulley for Power Nozzle - Part No. RX201


Rainbow Crevice Tool BLK


Rainbow D-4 Switch - Part No. R-2728


Rainbow D3 and D4 Separator Version 2 - Part No. R4100


Rainbow D4 and D3 Latch


Rainbow D4 Motor Gasket - Part No. R2702


Rainbow D4 Power Nozzle Housing - Part No. R6058


Rainbow Dolly Roller and Plate Assembly 40mm - Part No. R4149


Rainbow Dusting Brush


Rainbow E BLK Impeller,Vacuum Pump


Rainbow E series Standard Hose Asm


Rainbow E1 HEPA Neutralizer - Part No. R10520


Rainbow E1, E2, E3 Cord - Part No. R8067


Rainbow E2 - Taxable


Rainbow E2 2-speed HEPA Neutralizer - Part No. R12179


Rainbow E2 Floor Brush Tool - Part No. R13203


Rainbow E2 Latch Assembly - Part No. R14434


Rainbow E2 Motor / Water Pan Gasket - Part No. 11316


Rainbow E2 Version One Water Pan Gasket - Part No. R7284


Rainbow E2 Water Pan Neck Gasket - Part No. R10534


Rainbow Electric Cord D3, 120V


Rainbow First Generation HEPA Filter - Part No. R7292


Rainbow Fragrances Assorted 4pk - Part No. R15226


Rainbow Fresh Air Solution 16oz - Part No. R14698


Rainbow Gardenia Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R14942


Rainbow Kit, Fan/tube, Rainmate


Rainbow Lavender Juniper Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R15022


Rainbow Lemon Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R14937


Rainbow Luxury Fragrance Collection 4pk - Part No. R14955


Rainbow Mandarin Rosewood Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R15020


Rainbow Motor for D4, 120v - Part No. R3242


Rainbow Orange Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R14676


Rainbow Orange Ginger Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R15021


Rainbow Pine Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R14938


Rainbow Pivot Arm ASM Power Nozzle


Rainbow PN-12 Hose Coupling Kit - Part No. R14990K


Rainbow Power Nozzle Edge Brush - Part No. R15176


Rainbow Rainjet Complete, Model RJ-12


Rainbow sole Plate bottom Plate


Rainbow Spice Fragrance 2oz - Part No. R14941


Rainbow SRX Water Pan 2qt - Part No. T1029


Rainbow Standard Brushroll with Gear Box - Part No. R15389C


Rainbow Trigger Lock


Rainbow Vanilla Fragrance - Part No. R14939


Rainbow Water Pan 2 - 1/2 E


Rainbow, Rear Cover Asm