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Hope Word Gets Out In Fredericksburg, Kerrville

Juan Tavera explained that he would order the necessary parts to repair the problem, and that he would call me when they arrived. I agreed, however, I live about 90 miles from the store, so this is not convenient. But, there was no better alternative to accomplish the repair.

A short time later that day, Juan called to explain that the company would be opening an additional store in Kerrville, only 22 miles from my home in Fredericksburg. He suggested that if I could wait until this occurred, the long drive could be avoided, and he would have the ordered parts there at Kerrville. I gladly agreed to this arrangement to save me gas money, time and the trouble of driving to San Antonio.

Juan called me today, before the store could be set up, to tell me I could come by immediately and the repair would be completed in Kerrville. Now, attention to all concerned, this is “Customer Service” as you can only hope for, but seldom will experience!

Hope the word gets out in Fredericksburg, Kerrville and all other consumers in the Hill Country area, that we now have a “Quality” sales and service provider for vacuum cleaners (and other specialty service). No longer do we have to travel long distances, and still not know that our needs will be satisfied.

Thank You Juan!

Personal Customer Service

The gentleman that answered the phone, Juan, was extremely knowledgeable and explained that you had them in stock and offered to install it if I brought in the vacuum.

When I arrived at your store, which is very clean and well organized, Juan asked if he could help me. I explained that I needed a new belt for the vacuum. He immediately took the vacuum into the repair area which, by the way, is extremely clean with nice rubber mats on top of the workbench. He replaced the belt and a screw that was missing. He then took a cloth and wiped the vacuum clean and then, without my ever mentioning it, he took electrical tape and wrapped it around a couple of placed on the cord where the rubber had worn off. After testing it and allowing me to try it to ensure that I was happy with it, he calculated my invoice. The total was $3.00, plus tax for a grand total of $3.24. All of the labor and the extra repair and clean up was done at no charge. I have never experience such great customer service in any business. It has always been my belief that happy customers are usually your best sales people and I can honestly say that I will share my experience with anyone and everyone that may possible be in the need of a new vacuum or the other products you sell or any repair.

We will definitely purchase our next vacuum from you. With such personal customer service, Powell Vacuum and Allergy can't be beat!

Charlene K Webber

BEST Investment We Have Ever Made

 Her congestion was almost completely gone and she was getting a full nights rest. Last week she had an appointment with Dr.Wood and he said that the big change in her better breathing was due to the IQ Air.  I also suffer from allergies and was taking medication on a daily bases, now I only take meds on days that allergens are going to be high. By far the IQAir has been the BEST investment we have evermade!!!  Again, we'd like to thank you and we will be recommending your store and product every chance we get.

Best Regards
Robert And Crystal Ambriz  

Old Fashioned American Work Ethic

My daughter found out about your place from her Mother-In-Law, Mrs. Nell Bead of Pleasanton. I brought in my daughter's and my wife's vacuum for repairs today. The gentlemen who helped me were quite outstanding.

From prior business experience from other places, I expected them to tell me we'll call you with an estimate and expect to have them back in 2-3 weeks. To my surprise they started taking the machines apart and carried on a conversation with me while they repaired them, right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it, service like this.

Then, when he told me the cost, I was floored at how reasonable it was. Unlike Sears, where I bought my machine, who told me they had a $25 fee, just to give me an estimate. Then, after I authorized the worth, to expect a minimum of one hour labor at $65 plus parts. You run an honorable business with a high degree of integrity.

I actually felt I had gone back to the 50's when I great up as a young man, where people dealt with shops like yours and were treated with respect and honesty.

Believe me, for everyone in my family and any friends I can influence all purchases of new vacuums and repairs to existing one's will be done at your place of business.

Thanks you and place insure your staff knows I appreciate and thank them for exhibiting the Old Fashion American Work Ethic of treating your customer right.

William G. Davis