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            Air Purifiers Q&A

What is your top recommended air purifier and why?

Our top recommended air purifier is Austin Air. The Austin is our best-selling room air purifier because of its advanced filtration technology for superior filtration of airborne allergen particles, viruses, pollutants, odors and gases..

Price Objection: Why should I pay $700 for an air purifier?

Austin Air is in a class of its own. Made in the USA, all metal construction and it comes with a 5 year mechanical warranty. In business over 30 years and still using the same size filters for assurance that you will be able to buy filters for your unit for decades to come. This is huge, as most foreign made air cleaners on the market today will not have replacement filters available 5 years from now.

Why do you recommend the Austin Air for Asthma?

The American Lung Association recommends the comprehensive removal of asthma triggering substances from the indoor environment of the asthmatic as the most effective strategy for minimizing the incidence of asthma symptoms. The high filtration capacity of the Austin Air results in a drastic reduction of asthma triggers.